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Report a Crime

At this time, to report a crime you must speak with a dispatch deputy via telephone at 318-927-2011 or in person. Reporting of less serious crimes (with no known suspects) may be done via our Online Contact Form.

Special Programs

Crime Victim's Assistance Program
Deputy Carol Fowler
300 Hwy 146
Homer, LA 71040
Phone: 318-927-2011
Fax: 318-927-1803

The Claiborne Parish Sheriff's Office sponsors a Crime Victim's Assistance Program. The program offers assistance to victims of violent crimes. These crimes include sexual assault, domestic violence, battery, survivors of homicide victims, and many others. We offer crisis counseling, personal advocacy, criminal justice support and assistance in filing compensation claims with the crime victim's board. For more information on this program, please call (318) 927-9800.

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Tax and Civil Office

300 Hwy 146 Homer, LA 71040 Tel: 318-927-4807 Fax: 318-927-2550 Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 4:30pm

Patrol and Dispatch Division

Tel: 318-927-2011 Fax: 318-927-1803

Criminal Investigation
& Narcotics Division

Tel: 318-927-9800 Fax: 318-927-5914 911 for Emergencies Only

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